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What you want to know about The Meg

YOU can wager that what The Meg guarantees on the motion picture poster is what you are heading to get — a bloody significant shark.

With the newest creature attribute established to scare the bejesus out of any individual taking into consideration a wade into the ocean, here’s what you want to know just before you purchase your ticket.

Pitched someplace concerning Jaws and Sharknado, if there is one particular issue you want to know, it is that you are unquestionably heading to want a even larger boat.


The Meg is primarily based on a 1997 e book by Steve Alten, Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror — now, which is the form of title that’ll make you shiver.

The tale follows a diver named Jonas (Jason Statham) who witnesses an mysterious large sea creature destroying a submarine in the course of a rescue procedure. When he tells many others of what he noticed, they dismiss him and his tale as a psychotic episode. Dun dun dun.

5 many years afterwards, a team of experts embark on a investigate mission in the hid waters of the Marianas trench, the deepest place of the world’s oceans. When their submersible is strike by a huge creature, they get rid of speak to with the staff at the foundation.

Oh my, what big teeth you have.

Oh my, what significant enamel you have.Resource:Provided

The creature is a 23-metre long megalodon, a previously thought extinct species of mega sharks that escaped the room that the moment confined it. Even Mick Fanning would not be match plenty of to punch this monster.

The tale is just about inconsequential in a motion picture like The Meg, be genuine, if you are heading to see this, all you are on the lookout for are some crazy motion sequences with an monumental creature threatening to chomp down on our heroes.


The lousy man’s Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham is the headliner in this article as the daring rescue diver no one particular experienced the knowledge of believing. This is just the form of motion picture Statham has carved his market in.

Becoming a member of Statham are Rainn Wilson (The Business), Olafur Darri Olafsson, Web page Kennedy (Weeds), Li BingBing (Transformers: Age of Extinction) and Winston Chao.

And mainly because the motion picture was filmed principally in New Zealand, there are some locals with Kiwi actor Cliff Curtis (At the time Ended up Warriors, Whale Rider) and Aussie thespians Ruby Rose, Jessica McNamee (Struggle of the Sexes) and Robert Taylor (Kong: Cranium Island).

The Meg is directed by Jon Turtletaub, who’s very best recognised for helming Countrywide Treasure, Whilst You Ended up Sleeping and Neat Runnings.

Look behind you!

Search guiding you!Resource:Provided

Need to YOU Hassle?

The Meg has experienced combined evaluations with its Rotten Tomatoes rating sitting down at 48 for every cent with an normal score of five.five/10. Its RT viewers rating is marginally much better at 60 for every cent.

Colin Covert at the Minneapolis Star Tribune wrote: “This is the form of late summer time time waster that is not extremely fantastic, is aware of it is not extremely fantastic and is aware of you know it is not extremely fantastic.”

Peter Howell of the Toronto Star mentioned: “A Jaws knock-off made to give Jason Statham significant work the place he can grunt heroically and funds a cheque bearing lots of zeros, now that he has achieved the Steven Seagal stage of his occupation.”

Peter Sobczynski of rogerebert.com wrote: “It manages to strike on a moderately successful mix of motion and humour that hardly ever sinks to the strained depths of the Sharknado saga.”

Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune mentioned: “Forgettably entertaining/entertainingly forgettable.”


The Meg is out right now, August 16, in Australian cinemas.

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